"Change is Good".  It really is, but change comes with some bumps and hurdles.

This past Monday (10/23/2017) our area's  MLS (Multi-list service) moved to a new host site. A Multi-List is the database that covers a geographical area, and contains all the listing data for homes in that geographical area. It is the main source of information about all homes for sale in the area a real estate agent serves. It is also the source of the data that the public sees on sites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, and Homes.com.

Our geographical area (most of Central PA) is merging with other areas throughout Central PA, South Eastern PA, Parts of NJ, MD and DE)  to create a "Mega-MLS". This will be a fantastic tool, but we are currently encountering, data-feed issues, compatibility issues and, in turn, the data isn't getting out to the public sites, so our clients and community cannot see many or most active homes for sale. There are other "bumps and hurdles" but the one that is affecting the public, the data feed, is the #1 priority to fix right now.

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT HOME SELLERS? Your home that is for sale, may not be visible on the public sites.  If it is visible, the photos may be out of order or details about your home may be inaccurate.

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT HOME BUYERS?  You may be unable to view new listings, or even older listings in your area on public sites.  The information may not be accurate, if it is available.  For my clients who receive emails notifying them of new listings, these searches are temporarily on hold.


For my clients whom I am selling a home for, I am constantly checking the data.  I also have my personal website with your home on it, and listed accurately.  I manually adding any new listings I have onto my site so there is a place for accurate information about your home sale.  I am also increasing my online marketing of these homes so the public can see them and have access to the accurate listing information.  

For my clients who are buyers, I am keeping my eye on the market for new listings that fit your needs and emailing them to you. FYI, there are fewer homes being listed right now.  Some agents are waiting until the MLS issues are corrected to put homes for sale.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  These issues are being worked on with high priority and will be fixed as soon as possible. Now is a time that it is even more important than ever to have a relationship with a Real Estate professional, to provide you with information that is currently inaccessible to the public.

PLEASE CALL, EMAIL, or TEXT me with any questions or concerns.

[email protected] ~  (mobile) 717-215-7112